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Platform for decentralized file storage and decentralized managed blacklist based on blockchain.
The Cybercoinium project implements open source software that allows you to connect and fully control personal or corporate workflow. The program provides full tracking of all the changes occurring in the files and can be used as a super secure storage of your data based on the Blockchain technology.
The second important project component is the creation of a blacklist for stolen purses, or for the addresses assisted the funds theft operations. All wallets associated with the stolen funds will be automatically added to the blacklist, until the funds return to the victim’s purse.

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We are different

Faster Blockchain

Possibility to safely and instantly transfer files and the rights to them

FUll security

Solving the problem of frequent theft of cryptocurrency assets

Deal Investment

License for B2B companies for internal document management and internal accounting.

Peer to Peer

Creation of community of honest cryptoassets holders.



Coin Details

Coin Details

  • Blockchain: Stellar
  • Supply: 180,000,000
  • Pre-ICO Cap: $2,000,000
  • ICO Cap: $10,000,000

ICO Fund Usage

  • 30% Marketing
  • 30% Product Development
  • 20% Operations and Legal
  • 20% Reserve Fund


The purpose of the document is to provide information about the Cybercoinium cryptocurrency, its use in Blockchain, main conceptual idea, functional model, competitive advantages, project team, ICO details and roadmap for updating our project map. Soon, a more detailed description of the kernel architecture will be introduced. After sealing the original concept in a gift presentation, we tirelessly turned to the interested partners and organically built our team. Along this path we have found excellent partners and mentors who are interested and pleased to work with the precise tuning of our vision and refinement of our offer in the market. Approaching the ITO stage now, we thank all those who supported us and hope to exceed the expectations of the community in the future.

This technical paper will be published on an indefinite day, in its current version, and we recommend you periodically update information on our website and other multimedia channels for new information and updates.

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